The whole staff is involved in continued training, workshops, and courses both inside and outside of the school. This dedication to learning keeps them up to date with the newest practical and theoretical information in the education and administrative fields.
Area leaders make sure their team is efficient and that the school ideology is maintained in every aspect of school life.
Interactions between directors, staff and parents are transparent and respectful with space for discussion of different themes. This enables a high level of satisfaction among those involved in the children’s education.

Ana Lucia has worked in the education field since 1981. She has a Bachelor’s in Education, Administration and School Orientation. She has been in charge of the financial area of the school since its foundation and is a founding member of OEBi (Organization of Bilingual Schools in SP). Throughout her years at school, she has partnered with several consultants in accounting, finance and administration.

Ana Paula has worked with bilingual education since 1986. She has a Certification in Translation and Interpretation from Alumni and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. She has also participated in several courses related to bilingual education and school administration both in Brazil and abroad. She is a founding member of OEBi (Organization of Bilingual Schools in SP), of which she was president for 12 years. She remains in the organization as the Social Director.

Ana Célia has been a teacher since 1989. She has a Bachelor’s in English and Portuguese Language from USP and a degree in Education. She has a lot of experience in education through love, constructivism, and bilingualism. She helped grow bilingual education in Brazil by founding OEBi (Organization of Bilingual Schools in SP), where she acts as president. She takes part in several study groups and specialized in staff management, environmental concerns and business management. She counts on different pedagogical consultants and promotes group meetings with many educators and experts in this field.

Graduated in Business Administration at UNIBERO, with a Masters Degree in Controllership at FECAP. He has been involved in the Administrative and Financial Areas since 1994 in multinational companies and startups. His field of work includes Services, Retail and Internet. He was responsible for auditing, due diligence, team structuring and designing of processes, implementation of internal guidelines, negotiations with banks, suppliers and service providers.


Juliana has a Bachelor’s in Education from PUC-SP with a specialization in Education Administration. Since 1994, Juliana has worked in education with alphabetization and then as an assistant coordinator and coordinator in different schools. Since 2014, Juliana has been our Client Services Manager after five years managing operations at Garatuja (Builders’ sister school), where she contributed significantly to the school’s growth.

Psychologist and educator with specialization in literacy, Cristina has worked in bilingual schools since 1997. She has done parents counselling and psychotherapy for children and teenagers since 2011 in a private clinic. Her mission at Builders is to be the “impersonation” of the Education through Love around the school, taking care of the interpersonal relations.

Marieta has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from PUC-SP; a Bachelor’s in Education; a Certification in Pedagogical Coordination by Instituto Avisa Lá; an English Language Proficiency Certificate from Cambridge University and has taken several courses in education and bilingualism. She has worked with Early Childhood since 1991 and joined Builders in 2002. She is an education psychology specialist and works as a psychologist and education psychologist in a clinic, and has ample experience in diagnosing as well as providing parental orientation. She speaks fluent German and French, which she learned through her parents.
She is the author of the book "Letters about Education: reflection for parents and educators".