School meals are prepared in our kitchen by a third party company specialized in children nutrition. We care about the presentation of the plates and quality of the utensils; the menu is supervised by a nutritionist and they take height and weight measurements biannually. We offer healthy food and value the act of eating slowly.

  • The ambiance of the dining hall is based on color, furniture, and music studies.
    Snack is offered daily to all students.
  • Lunch is provided to all full-time and semi full-time students.
  • Meals are prepared in the school kitchen.
    Main objectives: eating healthy food, eating as an important moment of the day and eating slowly.
    At snack time and lunch time children are stimulated to try new types of food.

With a focus on food services and nutritional supervision for schools, Nutrical offers years of experience in the food and nutritional clinical supervision.
We strive to promote the nutritional health of students, supplying healthy foods within the standards of each school age group: the stage of development and characterization of each student profile.
With the bad habits acquired in the hectic daily modern life, parents find it difficult to manage their children’s eating habits properly. In order to confront this paradigm and help parents, Nutrical developed practical solutions to lead schools and students towards a healthier life.