1.Will my child make a confusion between the two languages?

There is no confusion because the different languages are stored in separate parts of the brain. First children mix the two codes (code mixing) until they are competent in the second language and start to switch from one code to the other when desired (code switching).

2. Is my child’s Portuguese going to be compromised?
There is no harm for the mother tongue, because when children live in Brazil, they are exposed to Portuguese for more time than to English. In any case, the school is always aware of language and literacy issues.

3. What is the best age to learn a second language?
The younger the child, the faster they learn because they have little language experiences. They come to school to play and end up learning English without much effort. It is an efficient way of learning because little children have more general skills, do not mind making mistakes and communicate more easily.

4. What if the family does not speak English at home?
That is no problem. However, if parents speak English, they can communicate with the children in this language, even if their pronunciation is not perfect. At school, children will be in contact with good models of communication, which will guarantee the learning of structures and the correct pronunciation.

5. Does bilingual education work well for children with learning difficulties?
There is usually no obstacle for learning a second language. Bilingualism is quite common, and a great part of the world population is bilingual or even multilingual. However, this does not mean that in the language development the abilities are the same in both languages, and experts agree that in the cognitive aspect one language is always dominant. If a child has learning difficulties, it is probably not due to bilingual education. At Builders proper care is taken so that any learning difficulty is assisted by a specialized professional.

6. Does the school adopt a specific nationality/accent?
No, English is spoken in many parts of the world and at Builders there are professionals with different accents.