Builders curriculum meets MEC requirements and the expectations for the age group. The curricular contents aim at developing competencies, the ability to use the acquired knowledge in a broad way.  Our goals are: learn how to learn, know how to deal with information, act with judgement and responsibility, apply knowledge to solve problems with autonomy, be proactive and value diversity.

The areas of knowledge are divided into great “Fields of Experience”, which aim at guaranteeing a multidisciplinary, contextualized, bilingual, significant and uptodate education, through which students can position themselves, interact, acquire knowledge, play and learn.

Besides, we look for an integral human formation, stimulating self knowledge, exercising empathy and speech, stimulating the student to act individually and as a group, to build a just, democratic and inclusive society.

We developed a yearly teaching plan with Projects, Sequences of Activities and Permanent Activities, always following the social-constructivist line of thought, where students participate actively in group researches, experimentation, exchange of ideas, recording discoveries and making a final product. The teacher is a facilitator throughout the process, proposing significant activities and experiences to build knowledge.

We also have specific teachers for Physical Education, Music and Brazilian Culture.