December 1997: Founded by three sisters with vast experience in education: Ana Lúcia A. M. Nunes, Ana Paula A. M. Mariutti and Ana Célia A. M. Campos, in a house on R. Cotoxó. This space had a tree house in the playground and colorful rooms..

November 2000: Moved to R. Campevas (Perdizes), due to an increase in the number of students. After three months of renovations, parents and staff helped to make the move to the new space. This building had a big playground and an outdoor court.

January 2009: Moved to R. Ribeiro de Barros. This facility was built using eco-friendly ideas and materials in only five months. It was also designed for accessibility and became a reference for school buildings in the city.

February 2010: Start of the Elementary School.

August 2014: opening of an adjacent building with four more classrooms and a rooftop, with a vegetable garden, composers and space for well-being classes and rest for our staff.

January 2018: renovation and expansion of one of our buildings with three floors: gym with climbing wall, art room integrated with nature, and a rooftop terrace for students to enjoy in the open air.

Dezember 2018: opening of another adjacent building, completely sustainable, with a new cafeteria, administration rooms and new classrooms. Renovation of areas in the existing building, according to a new masterplan, increasing the area of shared spaces in 18%, classrooms in 18%, and playground area in 75%. Investment in interior design and visual communication in all buildings.

The school provides time and attention to each student and their family. The presence of the directors along with their mother Mrs. Mima, known as the grandmother of all students; the careful attention to all aspects of the school; the striving for quality; the transparency and the partnership with the parents – all these aspects create an environment of happiness and well-being that is Builders’s trademark. This is the school’s main commitment with the families and it has been so since its foundation.

Builders’ differential is the nurturing, respectful and caring environment that focuses on the children’s emotional and social development. This has been our mission and essence since our foundation: the Education through Love, considered the most efficient way for humans to learn. Children who are treated with respect in a love-filled environment deal better with the needs of the modern world and become adults who are more socially and emotionally capable.
In an academically challenging environment, with professionals who are deeply committed to our specific philosophy, we guarantee: 

  • Well-being and respect to each child’s rhythm and individuality;

  • Stimulation for the development of social, intellectual, emotional and physical skills. A close relationship with the families for an efficient and personalized work;

  • Development of values and attitudes.

We believe in the transformation of humans through LOVE. Our focus is to educate the child as a whole, not just a formal education. In addition to our excellent bilingual education we strive to be an economically viable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible school, involving our staff, students, and community.
We want our students to love learning, to be in contact with nature, to reflect on their actions and to be in harmony with others. We promote a joy-filled and inviting environment because we believe humans learn better when they are happy.

Well-being: Our room decorations are based on the study of colors, surround sound, with selected furniture, equipment and toys, creating a visually attractive, comfortable and safe atmosphere.

ADA Compliance: Appropriate restrooms, ramps, handrails, flooring and door knobs to accommodate people with disabilities.

Sustainability: The building was constructed with eco-friendly materials and techniques, such as windowsills, sustainable flooring, cistern for reuse of rain water, natural ventilation and lighting and ventilation, rooftop terrace with vegetable gardens and a compost bin. The staff receives orientation from an Environmental Engineer so that our sustainability philosophy is practiced by all. We want to help the present without compromising the future generation’s ability to fill their own needs.

Social Responsibility: Management with a focus on the quality of relationships and the generation of ethical and transparent values for all, thus contributing for a more sustainable and just society. We periodically carry out social activities benefiting several entities, such as Fundação Abrinq, Exército da Salvação, Doutores da Alegria. Staff members participate in weekly yoga, fitness, and English classes, and are involved in the management of several issues that affect the whole community.

Pioneerism: constant search for innovation, through leading movements that eventually were adopted by other institutions, such as the creation of Cultura Brasileira classes, proposal and foundation of OEBi (Organization of Bilingual Schools in SP), collection of recyclable materials from the community (the school is now in process to become a zero waste school!), composting of food, presence of an environmental engineer at the school, partner parents commision and the ideology of Education through Love itself, that favors the socioemotional work done with students and staff!

To offer quality bilingual education, for children from 1 to 10. To educate through Love, with sustainability principles, forming citizens who are prepared to live life well. To have a welcoming environment, a committed team and processes that guarantee the work excellence.

To be a loving, innovative and transforming educational environment. To promote well being, self knowledge, autonomy and creativity.

 Education through Love

 Care with People